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There is a lot of chess information on the Internet, but finding it takes a lot of time. This where Chess Today will help you as CT issues come directly to your mailbox. Each contains news from around the world, puzzles, interviews, book reviews and instructional materials. Our specialty is well-annotated games by GMs and IMs - Alexander Baburin, Mikhail Golubev, Maxim Notkin and others. We analyse and annotate the most interesting recent games, therefore Chess Today delivers to your e-mail box a mini-lesson everyday!

Each Chess Today issue comes to you in three different file formats. You can read the PDF file, which contains the entire newspaper, on your computer screen or print it out and read the text over a cup of coffee.

We also provide the games from each issue in two file formats. You can use the CBV file with Chess Base or Fritz, while the PGN file will work with most chess programs. These files enable you to play through our games on your computer.

A subscription is required in order to receive Chess Today, but you can also review our sample issues or sign up for a free trial. To learn more about Chess Today, please visit our FAQ page.

Grandmaster Alexander Baburin, CT editor and proprietor

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