Chess Today Contributors and Editors

Grandmaster Alexander Baburin is the mastermind behind Chess Today, as well as Grandmaster Square. Author of the acclaimed book Winning Pawn Structures. Lives in Dublin, Ireland.


Grandmaster Mikhail Golubev. He is chess observer for the Ukrainian newspaper Komanda, author of Easy Guide to the Dragon and The Sicilian Sozin books. Lives in Odessa, Ukraine.

Grandmaster Ruslan Scherbakov. He also writes for Chess Publishing and coaches India's women team. Lives in Cheliabinsk, Russia.

International Master Vladimir Barsky, professional chess journalist and author. Former  editor of '64 - Chess Review' and Chess Week magazines. He seconded Grandmaster Morozevich at many major tournaments. Lives in Moscow, Russia.


International Master Maxim Notkin, worked for Kasparov Chess website and now writes for World Chess Rating website and '64 - Chess Review' magazine (Russia).

International Master Nikolai Vlassov- expert in blitz chess. Worked for Kasparov Chess website. He also contributes to World Chess Rating website.

Graham Brown is a freelance web designer and writer, who runs the UK Web Directory He co-authored the second edition of Sarah Hurst's successful 'Chess on the Web' book. Webmaster for The Kings Head Chess Club Web site and Stroud Chess Club. Lives in Stroud in Gloucestershire, England.

Ralph Marconi has keen interest in correspondence chess. He is a Vice President of the Canadian Correspondence Chess Association (CCCA) and ICCF International Arbiter. Ralph maintains a personal website, Ralph Marconi's Chess Page. Lives and works in Quebec, Canada.



Our other contributors include GM Karsten Mueller (Germany; endgames), IM Yochanan Afek (The Netherlands; chess composition), Sergei Tkachenko (Ukraine; chess composition), Alex Dunne (USA; correspondence chess), Luiz Roberto Da Costa Junior (Brazil; our Latin America correspondent), Volker Jeschonnek (USA; correspondence chess), Manfred Rosenboom (Germany; database management), Junior Tay (Singapore; correspondence chess), FM Sam Collins (Ireland; book reviews), Goran Tomic (Yugoslavia; chess & humour), Andy Ansel (USA, book reviews) and Don Aldrich (USA; book reviews), as well as our readers from all around the world who send their games and letters.

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