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Here we inform our readers and readers-to-be about latest developments in Chess Today.

In January 2004 two new Grandmasters became our readers: Peter Wells and Christopher Lutz. We also posted issue No. 1150 (our New Year issue) here - enjoy!

Our New Grandmaster Readers

In December 2003 Grandmasters Alexander Khalifman and Vishy Anand joined our list of Grandmaster readers, which already includes Judit Polgar, Peter Svidler, Alexei Shirov and many other prominent chess players.

New Look of the Chess Today Site

In December 2003 we changed design of our website, adding several new features. Your comments will be much appreciated - please share your views and suggestions using our contact page.

New Chess Today Samples

August 2003: we reached a special landmark - issue No 1000! You can find it here - enjoy! Here is what some of our chess friends had to say on that special for us day:

"Congratulations on your 1000th issue. The only way to reach such a mile stone is one at a time and I appreciate just how hard it is to keep going week after week, month after month, year after year and try and keep the standards the same. Chess coverage has reached its maturity on the Internet and there is a huge appetite for news about the great game and Chess Today offers a unique service to enthusiasts throughout the World. Good luck for the next 1000!
Mark Crowther, founder and editor of TWIC."

"Dear Alexander and CT team,
When I started projecting my first magazine IdeaScacchi, you've been a source of inspiration to me. I liked the way CT looked, and I liked the idea of providing a magazine that could be read, in most of the cases, even without a chessboard. Apart from my point of view as editor, I can tell you that I consider CT a precious training tool. Every morning I have the chance to test my tactical skills with your quiz section, and to learn GM ideas and plans reading through your annotated games. I really think that every player can improve his play by reading
CT, and it takes a very small effort!! Keep up with the great work, and congratulations for this first milestone! Best regards,
Davide Cortese, Italy"

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