Here you can find links to reviews of Chess Today.

May 2003: CT review at Seagaard Chess Review.

Review by John Watson on TWIC, posted Dec. 2000:

Review by Alex Dunne, as it appeared in Correspondence Chess News.


Excerpt from the review of Chess Today on Chessville:

"Each issue of Chess Today usually ranges from three to five pages in length and contains a puzzle, news reports from major chess tournaments and matches, and annotated GM/IM games from those events. Occasional editorial pieces discuss chess politics and other current chess events. Some issues contain instructional materials, book review, interviews and cartoons. Players rated 1500+, who are serious about chess, will benefit from the paper the most. You can load the games onto your computer to follow along, or just print CT and take it with you to read during your commute to work, or on your lunch hour. The extra versatility provided by the inclusion of the games files make CT the perfect daily chess information source."

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