Chess Today  Affiliate program

We are keen to promote Chess Today around the globe and are ready to cooperate any interested parties - chess periodicals, websites, clubs and individuals. Below is affiliate program:

Option One - hosting CT. We will provide one Chess Today issue in about 30 days for websites willing to display Chess Today banner and our information. If you are interested in this option, please contact us and we will put your name and address to our mailing list.

Option Two - referrals. Mention Chess Today to your chess friends, on your website or in your newsletter and ask people to mention your name when they subscribe. For each referral you will receive 1 month FREE subscription.

Option Three - selling CT subscriptions. If you have a popular chess website, you might like to sell CT subscriptions. You collect the appropriate fee (see our FAQ page) and give us subscriber's name and e-mail address. Then you forward us 60% of the payment collected and retain 40% for your service. When it will come to renewals people will be free to re-subscribe directly or renew their subscription through you.

We Accept