If you consider subscribing to Chess Today, you might like to know what other people think of our paper. Here you can find some feedback:

"I would like to continue my subscription to Chess Today for another year. I have found Chess Today to be an excellent newspaper and have enjoyed my subscription. Gary Barker, USA, January 2004"

"Hi Alexander, I've been reading Chess Today now for just under a month and I thought I'd write and say how much I enjoy reading your newsletter. It's just about the right size to be read quickly and easily, yet still provide a high level of information. Best regards, Alistair McNally."

"Mr. Baburin, congratulations for your wonderful Chess Today! I am Valerio Di Fonzo, one of your recent subscribers, and I simply want to tell you that I think that your chess newspaper is really fantastic and it is also always at a very high level! I have just received the number 203, with the game Kramnik-Sadvakasov: the game was deeply annotated, although it was played a few hours ago! These congratulations are also for all the members of your stuff, like GM Scherbakov and IM Barsky. From a technical point of view, a great job is done also from Mr. Brown and Mr. Marconi, because I always receive the numbers easily and quickly in my mailbox. Keep up doing this great work! Yours faithfully! Valerio Di Fonzo, Italy."

"Alex, Just a note to say your CT newsletter is great. I'm really glad you talked me into subscribing!" IM Mark Orr, Scotland.

"Dear Grandmaster Baburin, first I want to congratulate on your astonishing child "Chess Today". Hope that it will have a bright future. I like at most the annotated games. It's a little bit like a training lesson from a Grandmaster. Fantastic stuff! With best regards, Rene Wukits"

"Dear Sir, I'm enjoying your publication. It helps put a personal face on contemporary events as they unfold, in a manageable, daily fashion. Please keep up the great work! Sincerely yours, John S. Hilbert, USA."

"Hello! I want to tell you that I appreciate CT very much, a good daily dose of chess. I take a printed copy at my job and read it in the evening, mostly. Kind regards, Ivar Paulson"

"Dear Chess Today team! Let me congratulate you with your excellent newspaper! I enjoyed it so much so far. Living in Japan means that subscribing to popular magazines is possible, but sometimes 20% or even 30% postal fee is frustrating and it takes some time to reach Japan. Then, given that net-surfing is too much time consuming and 'messy', currently Chess Today is the most convenient source of my real time information. I particularly enjoy solving very well selected tactical puzzles. I would very much appreciate if you add one or two puzzles in the issue. Thanks. Tanaka Yuhki, Japan."

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